FICC Rally 2020 er avlyst

FICC Rally 2020 er avlyst

Publisert av Agneta Torgersen den 12.03.20.

FICC Rally 2020 i Italia er avlyst.

Arrangørene av FICC Rally 2020 avlyser i dag arrangementet på grunn av Coronaviruset, COVID -19.

Dette står på FICC Rally Italia sin nettside: 

The Executive Council of ACTITALIA is meeting urgently to examine the COVID-19 situation and in light of the latest decisions of the Italian government, it is confirmed by the intervention in question, scheduled from 24 July to 2 August 2020 at the Camping “Capitol ”Of Rome – Ostia.

For us, who have reached an advanced level of executive organization, it is a painful and painful decision, but it is considered highly necessary to follow the emergency directives by the health and institutional authorities of our country. Therefore, we invite the FICC to organize its General Assembly elsewhere, because, in doing so, they cannot take place in conjunction with the FICC Rally in Rome.

We are convinced to return as soon as possible to resume our pleasant international meetings, but now we must dare to prioritize health!